Dunlop tyres

Dunlop motorcycle tyres were the most popular ones at one time. The D207 was one of the largest selling sports tyres and subsequently the D208 tyre was also launched. An experienced journalist based in UK gave some comments, which led to a furor and created confusion in the perception of people. The D207 and D208 were not able to attain the success they had set out to achieve. The reasons for the failure can be attributed to the OE-spec D207 and D208 tyres, which were fitted on some of the Japanese sports bikes at that point of time.

The OE-spec tyres differ considerably from the replacement tyres in the aspect that the bike manufacturers tend to ignore the caution when stipulating the performance and instead build the tyres designed for specific bikes. The Stability is increased but at the cost of some agility. Even the outright grip may be compromised with, to achieve the mileages wanted by the manufacturer.

Bike manufacturers submit their bikes to the magazines for testing in 100% OE conditions which means the sooner the journalists are able to pick the difference basing on their performances they are more likely to be able comment on it and write articles on them. The comments are usually specific to on track riding and are never on on-road riding. The public develops an opinion after reading the articles and may not be completely aware of the actual features. The simple process of developing a negative opinion can cause lot of after effects and it may become a widely perceived opinion. The particular thing happened in case of all D207s as a general perception of them being average tyres got lot of negative publicity.

But the same tyre is now widely considered to be the best among the equals and in class with the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT. The use of Dunlop’s Muti-Tread compound technology lends it an edge as Dunlop can deliver a tyre that achieves both higher mileages and higher levels of grip. The different silica in the central and side compounds used by Dunlop tunes the tyre to improve the wet grip while not sacrificing dry grip.

The Dunlop Qualifier RR is full of features that one admires and has qualities that are desired from a super sport road tyre that gets used rarely on track. The technology of triple compound increases the miles, the softer compound give the edge while the grip and the carcass let the tyre to handle changes in temperature very quickly.

The Dunlop tyres have been invariably developed and employed in bikes used for British Super sport races. The 209GP race tyres are the ones, which have won the admiration and have been in use in the racing circuit for a while now. The specialty of these tyres is that they lend the bikes balance and help them from going off track.

The Dunlop may not be considered as a reputed company anymore in the present scenario. But the new ranges of tyres are already leading the pack and it won’t be long before they regain their status of being world class.

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