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Goodyear eagle F1 tyres

Riding high on the success of its predecessors the Goodyear eagle asymmetric 2 with active braking technology was launched. It passed the various tests of crossed pile carcass structures and high surface silica tread compound and thus have set new standards in the wet and dry performances while taking care of the handling and braking in the ultra high performance tyre segment.

The new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is known for improved dry performance handling and steering precision with exceptional braking capacities due to the features of a crossed plies carcass structure, which contributes to increased torsion tautness for enhanced navigation accuracy, usage and braking on dry road surfaces. The new tread compound, which contains very high levels of a new Silica grade is responsible for delivering superior grip levels that leads to better outcomes in dry handling and dry braking performances. The dry handling is attributed to the lower tyre weight as well since the vehicle’s overall mass is significantly reduced, enabling the tyre to pursue the surface contours additional closely.

The Short braking on wet roads are achieved through the use of Active Braking Technology, the new tread compound, using a unique blend of elevated molecular mass polymers, a extremely elevated silica content and race grip resin bring augmented levels of union on damp street surfaces

During the process of applying the brakes the Asymmetric 2 increases the road contact patch and results in shorter stopping distances. The conventional tyres blocks on the other hand demonstrate slight or no alteration during braking. In this aspect the Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres built on Asymmetric 2 design are able to develop more surface under braking load and thereby increasing the tyre to surface contact area. The larger is the contact path offered the grip is enhanced and in turn result in better stopping.

The engineers at Goodyear have paid attention to these three areas:

• Minimizing the tyre weight with less rubber and an optimizing tyre construction for reducing the heat generated and minimize rolling resistance.
• Introduction of a new ‘high surface’ silica grade which contributes in reducing the heat generated.
• The aerodynamic sidewall design is also being upgraded, which will deliver significantly lower aerodynamic drag and thus minimize energy losses, particularly at higher speeds.

The Goodyear tyres are known for lower noise emission levels. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is one such tyre that offers a smooth and quiet ride. The optimized block design of the tyre plus optimized 4 Pitches series with 64 blocks on the exterior and 72 blocks on the inside are responsible for the reduction of noise output levels.

The Goodyear tyres are also responsible for better mileages as well. The tyre’s make use of computer optimized cavity shape and tread rigidity result in consistent pressure and firmness distribution across the footprint, results in better mileage levels.
The reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are also the features of these tyres which make them unique as the new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 makes use of Goodyear’s renowned Fuel economy Technology, which ensures lower fuel utilization and CO2 emissions.