Winter tyres

The ordinary tyres when compared to winter tyres fail in situations where the car is held up in a driveway filled with snow. Winter tyres on the other hand transform the car and make them usable even in extreme conditions such as sleet, rain, snow, dry, slush, up hill and down dale.
One should never take liberties with the functioning of tyres. While driving on black ice the safety is of utmost importance and since in UK it almost snows for the most part of the year the need for finding a winter tyre increases even more. Taking this fact into consideration the tyre manufacturers in UK have started making extra tyres but over the past few years the demand has far exceeded the supply.

The set of Vredestein Wintrac Xtremes tyres priced at almost £150 each are a good option for winter. And getting them fitted by a mobile fitter can cost around £65. The total spending of £665 can be a bit of a disappointment if the weather gets warmer as the car may lack its earlier feel. But in chilly and icy conditions this investment can be a great one as the Vredestein tyres are specifically designed for winter. The Dunlops are also a good choice till zero degrees until they come into contact with ice, but no sooner the temperature dips to –4 degree centigrade the rubber become very hard and one would probably be struggling.
The Vredesteins are very impressive when it comes to braking. The real test of these tyres is done in snowy conditions. These tyres are for sure a better option than the summer tyres. Still there remains a lot left to be desired. The wheels start spinning in heavy snow conditions and the motor vehicle may perhaps not be capable to travel in forward or backward direction as is expected from it. Shifting the gears also may be of no help but somehow one can manage to generate the forward motion. The entire procedure can be very tiring one and one may be left with smell of burning rubber.

On hilly terrain it is the best solution as it offers resistance in very steep roads that may have 10% sloping and one can drive their car without much of an effort.

The rave reviews that Vredesteins have generated can be bit misleading one. These are not the greatest among the available winter tyres, as one doesn’t get the value for their money. Expectations of better performance in extreme conditions are what users strive for but these tyres have been quite a disappointment in this front.

However one thing is for sure that these tyres are definitely superior to summer tyres and have the best braking technology on offer. But in the final analysis the users may find the tyres to be priced too high compared to their benefits which are quite less and few.
Winter tyres are useful only in sub zero climates and manage smooth passage of cars even in snow filled roads.

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